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Professional occupational licensing, certifications, and registrations are generally a matter of public record, intended to protect the public from fraud and the unqualified. The Council on Licensure, Enforcement, and Regulation (CLEAR) is an organizational resource for entities or individuals involved in the licensing, non-voluntary certification or registration of hundreds of regulated occupations and professions. The set of definitions for occupational regulation that CLEAR provides is as follows:


The least restrictive form of occupational regulation, usually taking the form of requiring individuals to file their names, addresses, and qualifications with a government agency before practicing the occupation.


The state grants title protection to persons with certifications. Uncertified individuals may practice the same or similar job duties, but specialized titles are reserved only for individuals who have the related certification.


The most restrictive form of professional and occupational regulation. Under licensure laws, it is illegal for a person to practice a profession without first meeting state standards.

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